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The Good Couch - Knoxville

10421 Lexington Dr
Knoxville, TN 37932

Call Now: (865) 806-5941

The Good Couch Knoxville is a used furniture store in Knoxville, TN, specializing in used couches for sale at great prices! Every time we sell a couch, we make a donation to the Knoxville Dream Center. Shop today at The Good Couch Knoxville and not only do you get a great used couch, but you help people in need in your community!

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We’ve Got Good Couches for Good Prices

We’re The Good Couch Knoxville, a used furniture store in Knoxville TN specializing in the refurbishment and sales of quality used couches and other living room used furniture. We’ve got recliners, love seats, couches big and small, and sectionals. Best of all, we’ve got low prices!

All our used furniture items have each gone through our 5-step refurbishment process and are clean, high quality, and ready for a new home. When we receive a couch, before we put it in the used furniture warehouse, it is inspected for cat scratches, smoke and other odors, pet hair, and most importantly bed bugs. If the couch passes our used furniture inspection, we then put it through our cleaning and refurbishment process. By rigorously adhering to our five step process we guarantee that we can provide cheap couches for sale that are of the highest standard of quality.


Call today to ask what used furniture we have at our store and find a time to come by! (865) 806-5941


We Deliver For Free

The Good Couch used furniture store in Knoxville ensures each couch is clean and structurally sound before it is delivered to you. Once you have purchased one of our used couches you have the option of picking it up or taking advantage of our free delivery and move-in service. We typically can deliver that same day or within the next day or two, depending on what works best for you. Not only do we deliver but we are happy to move the couch into your home. What other used furniture store in Knoxville can say that?


We’re Helping Our Community

At the Good Couch Knoxville, we’re committed to helping our community. That’s why we donate a portion of the proceeds of all our used furniture Knoxville sales to the Knoxville Dream Center, an organization here in town that helps ensure food security for all. In Tennessee, one in five children struggle with hunger. The Knoxville Dream Center is doing great work keeping people fed. We’re proud to partner with them!


We’re Local

The Good Couch Knoxville is owned and operated by local Knoxville residents Pete Amrein, Tyler Fee, and Haden Roberts. We love our city and our mission is to help make Knoxville more affordable by establishing a used furniture store where people can go to find used couches for sale that are affordable without sacrificing quality. We’re located in close proximity to the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!). Stop by and see what we have available!


We Accept Couch Donations To Keep Prices Low

The Good Couch Knoxville takes advantage of multiple avenues for acquiring inventory. Some we get at auction, others come from estate sales. Our biggest source of couches comes from donations from the people of Knoxville and from our non-profit partnerships!

We believe it is important to give back to the community and reduce waste. If you’ve got a couch to donate, let us know! We’ll come pick it up for free. For each couch we receive, a monetary donation is made to our non-profit partner, The Knoxville Dream Center.


Contact Haden Roberts to schedule a pickup or delivery: (865) 806-5941