Couches We've Carried

At the Good Couch, we have an ever-changing stock of beautiful, refurbished couches in all shapes and sizes, typically ranging from $200-$400 (and sometimes lower!). Take a look at some of the couches we've had come through our doors to get an idea of the kinds of products you can find at The Good Couch. Give us a call at the location nearest you to find out what we have in stock right now!


Dual Reclining Loveseat with Cupholders and American Furniture Couch

Price: $380


Light blue La-Z-Boy couch and loveseat set.


Price: $400.

Featured Couch for Sale at The Good Couch

Light blue La-Z-Boy couch and loveseat set.

Price: $240.

Used Furniture Store Denver

Sudded Brown Suede And Cloth Couch

Price: $250.

IMG_35041 (1)

Tan Microfiber Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise

Price: $340


Brown Microfiber Sectional Couch with Cupholders and Recliners

Price: $380

Featured couch for sale at the Good Couch south

Tan Microfiber Couch with Chaise

Price: $350


Wood Framed Ethan Allen Loveseat with Throw Pillow

Price: $200


Green Sectional with Chaise and Throw Pillows

Price: $260


Brown Basset Couch with Throw Pillows

Price: $260