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We have 2 locations to serve you. One in North Denver and one in South Denver. (Plus one in Knoxville, TN!) Tell us your Zip Code and we will automatically direct you to the used couch inventory page for the location serving your area.


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3. Order Your Couch

We maintain a large inventory of used couches for sale. They are typically priced in the $200 to $400 price range.

Used Couches for Sale with Free Local Delivery in Denver and Move-in!

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Why To Buy From The Good Couch vs Craigslist

Looking for a nice used couch at a reasonable price? Here are a few reasons why you should be shopping with The Good Couch and not browsing Craigslist, Offer Up and the other peer to peer marketplaces:

  • No traveling to strangers’ homes to purchase a couch. Often you will find the couch isn’t in the condition described, leaving you with wasted time, gas and energy.
  • Our couches are thoroughly cleaned. No need to worry about stains or bed bugs!
  • All of the refurbished couches at our used furniture stores are in good condition. You won’t have to worry about hidden damage, or a couch that may fall apart.

The Good Couch has 3 used furniture locations, making it convenient for you to find your next gently used couch. Our North Denver, South Denver and Knoxville locations are ready to help you find a couch. Call us today!

The Good Couch

Good for your wallet, Good for your community, Good for your home

The Good Couch is a used furniture store in Denver that specializes in the refurbishment and sale of used couches, loveseats, sectionals and sets. Our goal is to provide quality used couches for sale at an affordable price. Utilizing our proprietary 5-step restoration process, we ensure that every piece of our used furniture is exceptionally clean and up to our standards. In order to provide each customer with an outstanding experience, we offer free delivery in Denver and move-in with any purchase! If you've got a couch to donate, we'll also pick it up from your house for no charge!

A portion of our proceeds at The Good Couch are donated to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless in order to give back to the community.

Wide Selection and Great Prices

Below are just a few of the used couches that have been through our doors. Like what you see? Call your nearest location and ask what they have in stock or stop by in person!

Looking for a specific kind of couch? Fill out our Couch Finder request form. We get new stock every day. We'll keep your request on file until we find the couch for you!


Dual Reclining Loveseat with Cupholders and American Furniture Couch

Sold For: $380


Light Blue La-Z-Boy Couch and Loveseat Set

Sold For: $400.

Featured Couch for Sale at The Good Couch

Velvet Red Daybed

Sold For: $250

Light blue La-Z-Boy couch and loveseat set.

Sold For: $240.

IMG_35041 (1)

Tan Microfiber Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise

Sold For: $340


Brown Microfiber Sectional Couch with Cupholders and Recliners

Sold For: $380

Featured couch for sale at the Good Couch south

Tan Microfiber Couch with Chaise

Sold For: $350


Wood Framed Ethan Allen Loveseat with Throw Pillow

Sold For: $200


Green Sectional with Chaise and Throw Pillows

Sold For: $260


Brown Basset Couch with Throw Pillows

Sold For: $260

Meet The Founders:

The Good Couch was started in April of 2017 in Denver, CO as a used furniture store focusing on couches by two aspiring young entrepreneurs, both 23: Lance, a professional photographer; and Nick, a professional fly-fishing guide. We began refurbishing and cleaning used couches out of a storage unit in the spring of 2017. We soon realized the high number of people looking for quality used couches for sale, as well as the disposal problem of people needing to get rid of couches. The storage unit quickly upgraded to a small warehouse, and we have since expanded to two warehouses, each with a small showroom. Early on in the process, longtime friend and fellow entrepreneur Doyle came on board with his background in operations and logistics management. The three longtime friends have built the company with the core vision in mind of and reducing waste in landfills and giving back to the community by donating to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Soon we were joined by Haden in our Knoxville, Tennessee, store!

The Guys Who Started Our Used furniture store

Pictured: left to right: Doyle, (dahlia), Nick, and Lance



Why Buy From The Good Couch?

The Good Couch is a better alternative than other used furniture stores for finding used couches for sale. We’re more trustworthy than shopping at online marketplaces such as craigslist, more affordable alternative than traditional used furniture stores in Denver, and more convenient alternative than shopping for furniture at thrift stores. With our 5 step furniture refurbishment process, you can rest assured that your couch has been thoroughly cleaned and repaired, allowing us to provide cheap couches that are high-quality. Because we are a used furniture store in Denver specializing only in couches, we can offer a better selection at a better price with comparable quality and free delivery. Rather than having to shop at multiple Denver used furniture stores in hopes of finding a used couch for sale that fits your needs and budget, come to The Good Couch where we have over 50 used couches for sale at each location.

Due to the nature of used couches, some of our couches come from pet friendly homes. We have strict policies on smoke friendly or soiled couches, but we realize that many homes do have pets and some homes have allergies. That is why we are always upfront about whether each of our used couches we have for sale comes from a pet friendly home, and each used couch goes through a stringent 5 step cleaning and refurbishment process.


Donate and Enjoy Our Free Couch, Loveseat, and Sectional Pickup

If you have a couch that is no longer needed, give us a call! Visit our furniture donation page to find the location nearest you. We take away unwanted used couches as a free service. We will even move it out for you if needed. While removal companies cost money and add to the landfill, we try our best to refurbish almost any used couch. If your couch is in irreparable condition, we charge a small disposal fee. Unlike other used furniture stores in Denver who might need to schedule a pickup weeks in advance, we can typically schedule pickups within 2 to 3 days. Best of all, in return for each unwanted couch that we take in, we give a monetary donation to Colorado Coalition for the Homeless regardless of whether we sell the couch, even for couch disposals. Donate your couch today!


Why We Give Back

One of our first deliveries after we opened our first used furniture store in Denver was to a man who had just gotten off the streets. We did not know his story until we arrived at the delivery, and were delighted to find that our prices were low enough for him to afford. Our free delivery service was an added bonus for which he was extremely appreciative.Our Used Furniture Store

While we do have used couches for sale for every income level from low income to college students to first time home buyers, we never forgot about that delivery. We have seen that rising home prices in Denver have pushed many on the margins to have to be more resourceful with their money just to keep a roof over their head. We decided we want to give back to the community in a meaningful way. That is why we decided to partner with Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. They help get families and individuals off the streets and into temporary housing while providing a range of other opportunities and resources. We want to be known as the used furniture store in Denver dedicated to helping provide cheap couches that still look great, are clean, and are comfortable.


Our Big Couch Adventure

At The Good Couch, we are always thinking outside the box. We have had to utilize this method of thinking on many difficult couch deliveries in order to get the couch where it needed to go. This sparked an idea to demonstrate to the world just how good we are at delivering the used couches we sell. We decided to carry a couch 5 miles, to the summit of the tallest mountain in Colorado and in the entire Rocky Mountains. Not only did we carry the full sized couch up 4,700 feet of elevation over 5 miles from 10,000 to 14,000 feet, but we also carried it the 5 miles back! We never even considered leaving the couch at the top, because this would go against everything we stand and why we believe in the reused market.

Not wanting this historic feat to be accomplished for only our own glory, we decided to make it a fundraiser for Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Aiming to raise one dollar for every foot of elevation gained and lost during the hike. We did not fully accomplish our goal, but since beginning our partnership, we have been able to raise thousands of dollars for Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Hiking a Mountain to Sell Used Couches

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