used leather sofaAesthetic Approval

At The Good Couch, we focus on sourcing refurbished couches that will add to the aesthetic of your home. We keep an inventory of styles and designs that are not out dated and will be a great addition to almost any interior. If you're looking for cheap couches or sectionals but still want something high quality that you will fall in love with, come to The Good Couch! Don't forget, when you buy a sofa, free delivery is included.

Cleaning Process

A clean couch is our top priority. We rigorously clean each couch that comes through our doors. Whether the couch is leather, microfiber, suede, or cloth, we ensure that your couch is cleaned with professional grade products before leaving our store.

Structural Inspection

This involves checking that the frame, legs, cushions are in good shape. We ensure that the frame and legs are in good condition and make repairs as needed. We check that the cushions are properly stuffed and that the cushion covers are placed correctly. All our refurbished couches have gone through this detailed inspection.

Mechanical Inspection

The Mechanical Inspection checks and repairs any moving parts of the furniture such as recliners to ensure that any reclining or compartment functions of the couch are in working order. We take pride in the quality of all the refurbished couches that make it through our rigorous process.

Detailing Process

This is the last step to make sure that each refurbished couch is in the best condition possible before sale. This includes final touches such as fixing the dust cover if necessary, scrubbing the base board, and removing any tags or snags.

*Due to the nature of refurbished couches, no product can be perfect. Any imperfections that we were not able to fix through our process will be detailed in the product description and the product will be priced accordingly.*


Give us a call today to hear about our refurbished, high quality, but still cheap couches in Denver, every one of which has been through our five step process. Whenever you buy from The Good Couch, your loveseat or sofa includes free delivery!

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