Pickup Fees for Sofas and Sectionals

*Free pickup is for upholstered furniture with minor wear and tear that has no severe damage and is NOT floral or patterned. Non-permanent stains, and pet hair are acceptable and items can have 1 or 2 minor (smaller than a quarter, or larger if along a seam) rips or tears.

Upholstered furniture in a "more used" condition than described above is subject to a "pickup fee", part of which is donated to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Because we may not be able to sell upholstered furniture in a "more used" condition and will certainly have to expend more time and effort getting it into the most sale-able condition possible, we charge a pick-up fee depending upon the number of seats the item has.

Upholstered furniture with the following characteristics/damage will be subject to a pickup fee as shown in the accompanying chart

  • Floral or patterned
  • Peeling bonded leather
  • Severe pet damage
  • Broken frames
  • Broken mechanics
  • Large rips and tears
  • Severe wear and tear
  • Smoke or other odors
  • Incomplete sectionals
  • Hide-a-beds without mattress or with damaged mattress
Number of seats (36 inch segments) Pickup fee
1 $60
2 $70
3 $80
4 $90
5 $100
6 $110
7 $120
8 $130

All prices include in-home, garage, or curbside pickup and up to 3 flights of stairs within a 25 mile radius of our shop in Northglenn.
There is an additional $60 dollar fee for pickups between 25 miles and 50 miles, and an additional $120 fee for pickups between 50 and 75 miles. We do not pick up over 75 miles away.