Growing up in Denver, the population growth has been hard to miss. Sadly, the population growth coincided with homelessness as the people on the margins found it harder to make ends meet due to the increasing prices of real estate. We started this business with the goal of providing high quality furniture, like used loveseats and couches, to every income level while also giving back to the people who need it most. Through our partnership with Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, we hope to accomplish this and help everyone find used couches in Denver they'll fall in love with.

Cheap Loveseats

Meet The Founders:

The Good Couch was started in April of 2017 in Denver, CO as a used furniture store focusing on couches by two aspiring young entrepreneurs, both 23: Lance, a professional photographer; and Nick, a professional fly-fishing guide. We began refurbishing and cleaning used couches out of a storage unit in the spring of 2017. We soon realized the high number of people looking for quality used couches for sale, as well as the disposal problem of people needing to get rid of couches. The storage unit quickly upgraded to a small warehouse, and we have since expanded to two warehouses, each with a small showroom. Early on in the process, longtime friend and fellow entrepreneur Doyle came on board with his background in operations and logistics management. The three longtime friends have built the company with the core vision in mind of and reducing waste in landfills and giving back to the community by donating to the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

The Guys Who Started Our Used Furniture Store

Pictured: left to right: Doyle, (dahlia), Nick, and Lance

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