Couch Donation Knoxville

Do you have a couch you no longer need and burning desire to help out your local community? With our couch donation pick up service in Knoxville, we can pick up your donated couch completely free to you! For each donation, we make a monetary contribution to The Knoxville Dream Center, supporting individuals and families.

Ready to schedule your couch donation with free pick up in Knoxville? Give us a call at (865) 806-5941 You can leave your couch outside and we’ll grab it, or we can haul it out of the home.

When you donate a couch to us, we help reduce waste and the impact on the environment. Seeing a couch wasting away in a landfill cuts us to the bone, because we know that with a little love and a lot of elbow grease, we could have had that couch cleaned, refurbished, and in a new home.

Our mission at The Good Couch Used Furniture Store in Knoxville is to provide affordable couches to the community by providing a place for your to donate your couch. Wouldn’t you rather your couch be put to good use instead of get dumped unceremoniously into a dump after faithfully providing a comfortable place to sit for so long? Your couch deserves better than that. Don’t make your couch sad. Donate your couch to use, where couches are happy.

Schedule your couch donation with free pick up in Knoxville today! (865) 806-5941

Donate your couch in Knoxville and help out the Knoxville Dream Center!

Donate Couch in Knoxville

*Couches must be in acceptable condition for donation. If we can’t accept your donated couch, we will haul it away for a $50.00 fee. And we still make a charitable donation, and you still get a tax write-off!