Limited 6 month warranty ($89.99)





-Limited 6 month warranty ($89.99)

Furniture will be warrantied against damage discovered by the consumer within the warranty period, including and limited to the following:

-Structural damage, i.e. cracked or broken boards, spring damage, severely sagging cushions due to a distressed frame, wood or plastic puncturing through the material, bent metal frames, cracked or broken legs, broken zippers, and popped buttons.

-Tears to leather or fabric material on the seams or separated stitching.

-Severe leather wear, peeling, or discoloration caused by normal use.

-Mechanical issues caused by normal use including and limited to snapped or otherwise defective recliner handles, broken or faulty footrests, and electronic malfunctions, as well as faulty pullout bed features.

This warranty does not cover wear or damage caused by the consumer outside the scope of normal everyday use of the furniture.

These warranties do not cover the following:

-Permanent staining e.g., red wine spills, ink stains, bleach stains.

-Frame damage caused by misuse of the furniture e.g., sitting on an arm rest, jumping on the furniture.

-Scratches to the material caused by animals.

-Holes caused by cigarettes.

-Pest problems (post purchase.)

-Deep oil staining.

-Animal urine.

-Fading caused by sunlight.

-Improper use of the furniture.

-Failure to maintain basic care.



Remedies for damage to furniture are at the discretion of The Good Couch, including but not limited to, refurbishment, fixing or replacing broken parts, substitution of the furniture, or issuance of a refund.